Postpartum Nurture Plan


Postpartum Nurture Plan


This is the VERY thing I wish I had before having a baby.

It's called the Postpartum Nurture Plan. 
5 pillars.
Holistic considerations for every area of your life.
Easy but oh, so effective ACTION steps.



  • home

  • nourishment

  • tribe

  • mind & spirit

  • relationship

What’s Covered In Each Specific PILLAR?

You’ll read about and take steps towards preparing: your home environment, your plan for visitors, your nutrition, rest, emotional and physical support network, understanding postpartum emotions and identity change, postpartum body image, processing and honoring your birth story, recognizing and nurturing your Mama Intuition, anticipating postpartum sex and how to enhance sexual communication with your partner, understanding the inequality in mother and father roles, and MORE!

Why I created the Postpartum Nurture Plan.
When I was pregnant with my son, I felt SO ready and confident for my birth. And things did go great! Practically how I imagined they'd go. I prepared very well physically and mentally for labor. I made sure my husband prepared with me and was ready to support me through it.

BUT- I had NO idea what came afterwards. It wasn't even on my radar to think about it. And let me tell you, I was blindsided by what happens postpartum. The crazy, mind-altering life changes.

Blindsided by the constant newborn care for sure- the sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, the inconsolable crying we experienced for months; but what I really wasn't prepared for were the mental shifts I was experiencing in myself and the realization that SLOWING DOWN and having support in place for the time after having a baby is HUGE.

I didn't know what having a baby would be like for my relationship, my identity as a woman, my body image, my daily practices and hobbies/habits that made me who I was.

Nobody told me about the profound identity shift that happens when you become a mom. Nobody warned me about WHY rest was so much more important for my body than keeping an empty sink and tidy laundry room. Nobody told me to quit entertaining visitors, to quit worrying about being rude, and to take my overstimulated baby and go to bed. Nobody talked about how to ease back into postpartum sex and how to have these conversations with my husband.

This nurture plan was created to EMPOWER you and ignite a CONSCIOUSNESS of what to expect and what to do- so you aren't blindsided like I was.

This plan is for you if you care about taking care of yourself mentally and physically.

This plan is meant to decrease the likelihood of experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety.

I want you to have the best possible postpartum.

When we're not set-up for success, it can take years to get yourself back on track.

I know this.

So, gift yourself with this plan. Gift your sister or friend. Gift your daughter or grand-daughter.

Preparing for a baby should go beyond preparing a nursery. This plan will get you there.

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"Even after going through postpartum once with my daughter and understanding it better than I did before, I learned a LOT from this plan. It brought to light tons of things for me that I never would have thought about preparing for even after having a child and having been through that rough postpartum transition. This plan is a great way to make sure that transition into motherhood is an experience to look back on and smile about."- Megan Harding