Check out my NEW Postpartum Nurture Plan!

Designed to guide you through planning for the most relaxing postpartum period possible, this plan will take you through the 5 pillars (home, nourishment, tribe, mind & spirit and relationship). These are all the things nobody tells you to plan for! This plan will address why each pillar is such a big consideration and gives actionable steps towards each one. Easy and free action steps you can start NOW to set yourself up for success after baby comes. Preparing for a baby should go beyond preparing a nursery. This plan will get you there.

Gift yourself with this plan. Gift your sister or friend. Gift your daughter or granddaughter.

This plan was created to EMPOWER and ignite a CONSCIOUSNESS of what to expect and what to do to mentally, emotionally and physically prepare your home, mind and relationships for the transition of giving birth. This plan is meant to decrease the likelihood of experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety.

Have you heard of the fourth trimester?


It’s that tender, incredible time after a baby is born, when families benefit from extra care and support. A lot of monumental shifts happen during that fourth trimester! From woman to mother, man to father… Parents of one, to parents of two or more…

The postpartum doula is there to support families as they move into their new roles.



Whether you are making plans for your first child or your fifth - my services

will allow you to rest, rejuvenate and bond with your new baby.

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