Elizabeth Bengtson

Molly was wonderful help. She was very professional, yet warm and personable as well. She is very knowledgeable and even brought handouts for me to read on every topic I wanted to know more about. Also, she is so easy to talk to and a great listener...I didn't want her to leave! I felt she truly cared about me and my baby.

Mary-Beth Gibson

Molly is amazing. She is such a good listener, and she encourages you from the moment she arrives  until well after she’s left. If she sees a way to help around the house she just goes for it. There’s no program, no agenda, no pressure with her. She meets you exactly where you are and provides what you need in the moment. I highly recommend her for every new Mom!

Morgan Powell

I would highly recommend Molly, especially to new moms. My husband and I are very glad we hired Molly. Before I had my son I didn't know much about newborns; Molly taught us all about caring for our newborn, she helped us with breastfeeding and helped me meal prep several weeks worth of   meals. She provided us with a lot of great information and she did a great job of respecting me and my decisions for my newborn.

Caitlin Chambers

Molly was very positive, friendly and knowledgeable. She helped answer all my questions and there were a lot after I had my son. She would check up on me daily to make sure we were doing good and to answer any additional questions. The information she provided to me helped with items such as oversupply of breast milk and how breast feeding positions can help. I would recommend Molly if you are thinking about hiring a Doula. When you sit down with Molly for the first time, you will see how genuine and caring of a person she is.

Mattie King

Molly was incredibly loving and supportive through the difficult decisions. She was one that I shared smiles and tears with, who was overjoyed to meet my new baby girl, and who took extra care to make sure I was taken care of during the postpartum period.  I can’t thank her enough for all that she did for me, my husband, and my baby! I would recommend Molly’s services to anyone that is seeking a well-rounded, natural, and positive birthing and postpartum experience. She has done extensive research and training and her passion for mothers and babies shines through in her work. Molly is a genuine, caring, and professional caregiver that anyone would be lucky to have share in their birthing and postpartum experience!

Megan Harding

After experiencing an unexpected cesarean section, I found myself struggling with the transition into motherhood. Molly was such a big help those first weeks after Quinn was born. She was there to answer my questions about breastfeeding, which was much more difficult than I had anticipated, as well as any other obstacles I encountered. She made sure I had a good supply of healthy food for snacks and meals, and provided me with breaks to rest while she held Quinn and cared for her as I needed. Molly was there when I needed her, but not intrusive of the time my husband and I needed to bond with our new daughter. Having support during the 4th trimester is one of the best things I did not only for my daughter, but also for myself. I recovered from the emotional and physical strain of birth and becoming a mother much quicker than I would have if I’d attempted it on my own.